Who We Are

IBD Support Australia is run by a group of passionate volunteers who have an Inflammatory Bowel Disease or they have been affected by an IBD in some way (usually a close family member has an IBD). We provide a range of online resources including an online forum where you can provide virtual support to others, learn and share your own experiences. Our goal is to inspire and support through the exchange of ideas, experience and morale.


IBD Support Australia is an Incorporated Association, not for profit organisation, with an Executive Committee consisting of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer, their deputies, and general committee members. The association membership is drawn from users of the website, however, there is no requirement for users to register as a member to make use of our services, including the community forum.

IBD Support Australia is run by a committee of volunteers. 


IBD Support Australia has always been about supporting the flow and exchange of information about the disease. The site was started in


September 2003 by a young lady with Crohn’s disease. She began the forum in order to  communicate and share information with other people who had been diagnosed with an IBD.

In June 2008, the IBD Support forum upgraded in order to make the site more user friendly and more volunteers become involved in the daily operation of the forum. This group of volunteers believed an online community can play a key role in supporting the flow of information about the disease and to stimulate conversations and awareness.

IBD Support Australia is dedicated to providing users and our members with a friendly forum to exchange information, experience and morale with others.

In 2011, IBD Support Australia transitioned from a volunteer run forum into a formal, incorporated not for profit association focused on providing free online support to the community. This incorporation opened the doors to accessing sponsorship and other funding to help with the day to day operation as well as our goal of expanding the range of online services we provide.  Today, IBD Support Australia has grown from a simple forum started by a passionate young woman into a fully incorporated, not for profit organisation with the full ability to fundraise in Australia.

Disclaimer: This website should not be used in place of medical advice, and caution should be used when reviewing any material published online through any source. Always check with your relevant medical professional before making any changes to your treatment or lifestyle.
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